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Winnie the Pooh 3 way table mirrow made in Japan
About 5.5" x 5.1" when folded.
Made in Japan. High quality item

$ 8.00

1 x 'Winnie the Pooh 3 way table mirrow made in Japan' order  To my WishlistWinnie the Pooh 3 way table mirrow made in Japan' order

Merry thought panda
about 2"(5cm)

$ 9.90

1 x 'Merry thought panda' order  To my WishlistMerry thought panda' order

Spongebob luggage bag name tag
about 4x2.5"(10x6.2cm)

$ 2.50

1 x 'Spongebob luggage bag name tag' order  To my WishlistSpongebob luggage bag name tag' order

San-X Rilakkuma cord holder
about 1.2x1.2"(3x3cm)

$ 9.00

1 x 'San-X Rilakkuma cord holder' order  To my WishlistSan-X Rilakkuma cord holder' order

Sweet Bunny money bank
about 8x3"(20.2x7.5cm)

$ 8.00

1 x 'Sweet Bunny money bank' order  To my WishlistSweet Bunny money bank' order

Sanrio Hello Kitty cash book
about 6x4.1"(15x10.5cm) 28 sheets.

$ 2.40

1 x 'Sanrio Hello Kitty cash book' order  To my WishlistSanrio Hello Kitty cash book' order

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