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rice cake mini gift bag


About 3.5x3.9" (8.5x9.8cm)

Product ID:12880  BC:4714581540775 
Weight: 0.02 Kg.   Quantity: 11 Available

Price: $ 0.60


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1-5 pieces  $ 0.60 per piece
> 6 pieces  $ 0.48 per piece


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This Product was added to our catalog on Friday, 12. September 2008.

Most Recent Customer reviews

Review Date: 11.06.2009

I absolutely love this little bag!!! This bag is about the size of passport, and it is perfect for giving somebody a little gift. I once put a handful of Hershy's Kisses (mini chocolate) in a bag and gave it to my boss at work... she absolutely adored the whole package! ..

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