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pigg's burger shop sponge sticker


About 3.8x4.4" (9.5x11cm)

Product ID:3290  BC:4714581370419 
Weight: 0.01 Kg.   Quantity: 2 Available

Price: $ 1.00



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This Product was added to our catalog on Monday, 18. June 2007.

Most Recent Customer reviews

Review Date: 13.11.2011

Super cute, good quality stickers - they will make you smile so much when you see them in your package!..

Review Date: 20.08.2011

These are high-quality, spongy, kawaii, and there's a cute backdrop for the "burger shop"! KAWAII!!! And it ships for free?! Why are you reading this and not buying some?..

Review Date: 11.01.2011

Thease are really Kawaii i am new to Janet store but i love it so much.

Review Date: 06.09.2010

I got this sticker sheet as a free gift with my bonus points and the stickers are so cute. I bought alot of items from Janet and had a bit of a problem, but she sorted things out for me so quickly and professionally that I just had to come back for more items from her shop. Im really into collecting cute sticker sheets at the moment to use to decorate my FB entries. Janet has some of the most cutest stickers on sale anywhere. These pig burger shop stickers are good quality even though they are not made by any of the big Japanese brands, they are still good quality stickers and very cute too...

Review Date: 03.03.2010

The pig heads on the burgers are ADORABLE, i just wanna eat it :D The milkshake is also very cute O:..

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