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Frequent Asked Questions:

1. Why can't I checked out?
A: It happens usually because one (or some) of items in your shopping cart is out of stock or has insufficient stock. You need to remove the item/items or reduce the number of quantity you want to order. You can do so by simply checking the "remove" box or change the quantiy number of this item, then click the "update" buttom on the lower left side of this page.

2. Can I send the items to my friend’s place?
A: Yes, to save you time and money, I can send the items to your friend’s name and address. Just put in a note in the memo box when you check out and make sure you change the shipping address and I’ll send the items to your friend. I can also put in a note for you in the package, just let me know what you like me to write. I love getting things in the mail myself so I don’t mind the extra time writing a note for you or gift warp the items.

3. How can I change my username/author name shown in the Forum/bulletin board?
A: Go to "My Account" section and click "show or change my account information".

4. Wish List Help
To move items from Wish List to Shopping Car:
Click the checkboxes of the items you want to move, then click .

To change your "public" items so others can not see them:
The default status of the items in your wish list is "Yes", which means they can be seen by other. To change the status just by clicking on the light red balls to turn them into dark red ones.