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  Thank you so much for visiting my store.

  I started selling on eBay since August 2000. I have met so many wonderful people there and I love sharing all the cute items I love with people all over the world! Check out my feedbacks on eBay and you know that you have come to the right place to shop. Now I have my own on-line store, I am able to sell all these wonderful stationery and gift items to you at even better prices. I also have wholesale section in my store. I encourage you to try to sell my items. I don't mind you use the pictures I have. I have so much fun with doing it and I would like you to enjoy it too and hopefully you can benefit from it both finically and spiritually. It isn't easy to get started and make it a carrier, I know and I have been there, that's why I would like to give you the easy start and provide you with the best price I can give you.

  I sell mostly stationery items like letter sets, stickers, pens, notebooks and gifts that you can send through mail. I also sell a lot of Sanrio items. I offer all my items at the lowest price possible, you can buy with confident. My goal is to offer high-quality products and excellent service to all my customers and wish that through my products, you can connect people and deliver love to all your love ones and make this a better world!! I feel that a lot of time we don't communicate enough with people we love. We don't really think much about what we want to say when you are talking on the phone or talk face to face and sometimes we hurt each other's feelings when we don't think before we speak. What I love about writing is that when you choose a prefect paper and sit down to spend time to think about what you want to write and actually use pen to write on paper, it is kind of a spiritually moment and magical, it sends message to the person you are writing to that you care about them and the love will be delivered through the mail. You might think I am a bit silly, but I really wish more people will start to write and learn from each other and through knowing more about other people, we can learn more about ourselves and have more wisdom and be more open-minded and have more choice for our lives.

  One magic about these Kawaii stuff is that they make you look and feel younger and happier. All my friends say that I haven't aged a bit since I started selling these cute items. Since my husband quit his well paying, respectful teaching job in a University and started helping me with my store, he is looking younger and happier as well. Many people asked about our secret but not people believe it is that simple ~we do what we love and we enjoy our lives ~

  I will keep stocking new products in my store and I hope you will enjoy all these items and have fun with the products. Have fun shopping in my store and enjoy your life~~~~~~